cola zero

Enjoy the classic cola flavor without nicotine.

watermelon light

Experience the light and refreshing taste of watermelon without nicotine.


Experience the authentic taste of cola that mirrors the real beverage.


Enjoy the gentle sweetness of lychee with its intense and fragrant aroma.


Dive into the subtly sweet and refreshing flavor of watermelon.

strawberry candy

Immerse yourself in the sweet and aromatic world of strawberry candy with a hint of candy cane.

gummy bear

Indulge in the soft and fragrant taste of gummy bears.

mix berry

Immerse yourself in the modern blend of various berries.


Transport yourself to vineyards with the rich and sweet taste of grapes.


Revel in the sweet and aromatic essence of blueberries.

lemon soda

A zesty fusion of fresh lemon and fizzy soda that invigorates the senses.

cool mint

Refresh your palate with the crisp and cool taste of mint.

strawberry kiwi

A vibrant mix of sweet strawberries and intense kiwi flavor.

double apple

Experience the perfect harmony of green and red apples in this refreshing blend.


Experience the zesty burst of Lemon Blastz. A tangy and refreshing flavor that invigorates your senses with every puff.


Introducing Fruity Mix – a perfect blend of strawberry, orange, and grape for a burst of fruity goodness in every puff.

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